Become a Blogger for A Great Confidence Boost

Bloggers have become more and more successful over the last couple of years taking into account that there are over 150 million blogs over the internet as we speak. There are a whole lot of advantages to take into account when starting a new blog and if one desires to know more, click here for details.

Starting a new blog is one of the most amazing hobbies to take and can trump any other one as it has an amazing potential and can even turn out to be extremely profitable if marketed correctly and the articles posted there are of good quality. Writing such good articles will go a long way in attracting readership and the benefits of owning a blog will be sure to follow.

Blogs are extremely diverse in nature and people write about what they like such as food, travel, business or any other sector which is desirable. There are a lot of benefits to take into account when starting a brand new blog and people should immediately take advantage of them.

Blogging Will Develop Thought Process

Writing is a difficult activity to do, especially if done on a daily basis. Those who’ve just started their blogging careers will have it tough at first but one of the most amazing benefits of owning a blog is that it encourages people to think deeply about a topic in order to transpose it into an article for their readership to enjoy. They have to be of great quality in order to become popular and having a great thought process will go a long way in terms of becoming popular on the internet.

Blogging Offers Great Discipline and Control

There are a lot of activities to take into consideration when starting a new blog and once they have started to write about their own lives and experience as well as things that they like, bloggers are able to review what they are doing and immediately see a possible change for the better. They will have a significantly better control over their lives and have the option of improving various aspects of their daily routine in terms of improving both physically and psychologically.

Blogging Gives a Great Confidence Boost

People who have self-confidence issues need to immediately start a blog in order to become more ambitious and self-confident by expressing themselves in the online medium. Readers will offer some amazing feedback and will make sure to support a blogger in whatever he or she is doing. Gaining a rush of positive emotions from the readership’s comments will not only improve the way a blogger will write articles but it will also improve the blogger as a person by giving them a great confidence boost.

The Top 5 Ways to Guarantee You’ll Get a Raise this Year

pocket_moneyAfter nearly a decade of a less than-optimistic employment market, things appear to be looking up. The unemployment rate is slowly, but steadily, declining. More people feel confident looking for a job in the past, and fewer people are worried about being laid off. In fact, about 30 percent of workers are so optimistic about their job prospects that they would be willing to leave their current positions if they do not receive a raise this year.

Even just a few years ago, automatic annual raises, even just cost of living increases, were the norm. Unfortunately, however, one of the byproducts of the Great Recession has been a decrease in the number of companies giving automatic annual raises. While many employers would like to pay more, budgets are still tight, and pay increases are now tied to merit, not longevity.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t get a raise this year, though. With some hard work and a little strategic thinking, you can convince your boss to add a little extra to your salary — maybe even a lot extra.

1. Ask for a Raise

This might seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t ask for raises. They assume that their boss will offer one (and are disappointed when he or she doesn’t) or fear being rejected or even reprimanded for requesting more money.

But if you have been meeting your goals, you consistently go beyond your responsibilities, you have a good rapport with the team and clients, and you can demonstrate your value to the company, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t ask for a raise. You have to do your homework and be prepared to state your case, but if you do, your boss is likely to be receptive to your request.

2. Improve Your Communication

It might be tempting to “fly under the radar” and do your work without a lot of fanfare, but that’s probably not going to get you noticed — and your request for a raise might come as a surprise. You need to be vocal about your accomplishments and demonstrate to your boss on an ongoing basis that you’re not only getting things done, but also successfully addressing his or her priorities.

Sending regular emails summarizing what you’ve accomplished and where you are with your projects to keep him or her in the loop. Focus on the most important things, not the day-to-day minutiae of your job. Your boss expects you to accomplish your assigned tasks. He or she wants to know about your “wins” and what makes you invaluable to the team.

3. Set Yourself Apart

Your boss hired you because you have certain skills and bring unique experiences to the table. And while you’re certainly competent in your job, you don’t want to stagnate.

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from your co-workers and earn a higher salary is to earn an advanced degree to learn new skills and broaden your knowledge base. Going back to school for an MBA or another related degree shows your boss that you’re committed to your career and continuous improvement, and the new value that you bring to the table is cause for a bigger paycheck.

whiteboard_24. Be Positive

Employers want team members who are a positive part of the office environment, not just drones who come in, push papers, and go home. They don’t reward employees who gossip, complain, drag their feet, shoot down new ideas, or drain the energy from the environment.

Before you ask for a raise, consider your demeanor when you’re at work. Are you positive and friendly, bringing people together? Or are you impersonal and divisive? Having an upbeat attitude can go a long way toward a positive office culture, and your boss will reward that.

5. Build a Relationship With Your Boss

You don’t have to be best friends with your boss, but you want to ensure that he or she at least knows who you are. Reach out and request meetings with your boss to discuss projects and priorities. Learn what’s important to your boss, and what he or she cares about — and then use that information to guide your work.

Try to make your boss look good, and anticipate his or her needs. It might feel a bit like “sucking up,” but as you build a more authentic working relationship, it will help your performance, and your salary.

Of course, some companies simply cannot afford to grant raises, and you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that you won’t get one. However, if you use these techniques, your chances increase markedly — and you’ll improve your performance at work to boot.


What You Should Know About Becoming a Real Estate Property Manager

real-estate-property-managerIf you are considering becoming a real estate property manager and investing your time and money into the endeavor, there are several important factors that should be considered beforehand. If you are even considering investments in real estate, it is quite likely that you know and understand that the foundation of our nation is real estate. It is considered to be one of the main and largest sectors when it comes to our economy. It is a type of investment that has a firm foundation in the “American Dream” that dates back to the arrival of the pilgrims. In addition to this, our very first president worked in land surveying and was an enthusiast when it came to real estate. In this real estate investment guide, you will be introduced to several factors that must be considered before officially taking on the role of a real estate property manager, according to the latest news and real estate investment articles in circulation today.

The Inward Search

In most instances, the individual seeking to invest in real estate opts for relatively safe options – such as purchasing a residence. However, there are numerous passive investment opportunities and even sophisticated high-risk forms of investments, such as trusts. Whether you are searching for a low-risk investment or are considering a high-risk investment, you must first start your journey by searching inward. You should consider your experiences in life, the skills that you possess, your mathematical strength, your personality types, the vocations that you are attracted to, your time availability, your disposable income, and your main motivation for desiring to become a real estate property manager. By considering these initial factors, you will be able to determine how to properly leverage the knowledge that you possess, the money that you have, as well as the time that you have available to devote to the endeavor to achieve success in investments, according to the real estate investment articles currently in circulation.

Getting Started

There are several unique methods that may be utilized to getting started as a real estate property manager. First, you may elect to get in the industry. This will not only assist you in earning a little bit of money, but, it will also assist you in learning more about the real estate market and all of the opportunities associated with the market. The on-the-job experience that you are likely to acquire includes learning the ins and outs of real estate sales, understanding the laws associated with property management, acquiring a solid understanding of property appraisals, and learning about the behavior of customers within a real estate market.

The next step to getting into the position of a real estate property manager is to actually acquire real estate – either with complete ownership, or partial ownership. You may do this as an individual, you may do it with a partner, you may join forces with many partners, or you could even get involved with a real estate investment endeavor with a limited liability company – the choice is yours. According to the real estate investment articles online, it is often best to align with a team, initially; however, it is imperative to be certain that mutual goals are aligned in this type of partnership. If you elect to work with a team, be certain that they have a vast array of experience and knowledge in real estate as this will assist in reducing your own learning curve. By reducing the learning curve, your potential for risk is quickly diminished.

Before the Purchase

Based on the advice offered in real estate investment articles that are currently in circulation, it is important to understand exactly how a piece of property functions before purchasing it. You should understand the protocols associated with the evaluation of the property, as well as any economic drivers that pertain to the property. Each property type has a different form of operation. You should have a good understanding of the customer needs that will have a desire in the property, as well as any type of competition that is currently associated with the investment that you have an interest in. When you become a real estate property manager, you are engaging in an avocation where you must be willing to take complete responsibility for the outcome associated with the endeavor. By learning as much as possible before taking the plunge, you will be able to make the most of your investment.

Make Extra Money As a Blogger For Hire

Want to make extra money as a blogger? It’s possible. It’s also not as easy as it might seem. While your writing dreams are well within reach, your income expectations may require adjustment! Additional information available HERE.

There are a few great places where it is easy to get set up and begin submitting your writing. In some cases, it’s almost as simple as that.

While there are many bloggers out there and there are a lot who are earning great incomes from it, they are the exceptions. Most bloggers write to supplement existing revenue streams, and most use it as a means to get opportunities to speak to live audiences.

usefulness-can-be-deliveredWhat you want to know, however, is that there is one key that makes blogging work and because of that, there are opportunities to get paid.   In his recent article “Content Isn’t King… Here’s What Is”, Darren Rowse, creator of the ProBlogger network talks about how over the years, he’s seen various schools of thought around the notion of what is ‘King’. He’s noted that ‘Blogging is King’ was the hype for a while, that ‘Content is King’ surfaced as the next big thing, that ‘Facebook is King’, that ‘Twitter is King’, and now even ‘Google Hangouts is King’.

He goes on to make the point by saying, “The arguments for all of these things being ‘king’ are good… but they all kind of miss the point.”

Darren goes on to say that as far as he sees it, “‘Usefulness is King’.  Creating content is just one way of being useful. Building community is another. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and G+ are just ways of delivering usefulness.  Infographics, videos, podcasts and even blogging … all just different mediums for being useful.” Additional information available HERE.

I tend to agree.

Now, how does that help you get paid?

There are 5 things you want to consider to make money blogging:

  • Deliver useful information.  

It would be helpful to have had some practice, blogging for yourself as a hobby or blogging for others in order to test and build your skills. Use your experience and write in a way that has readers returning.

  1. Be ready to produce useful content, even when you don’t feel like it.

To get paid, you not only have to deliver value in the content, blogging is a way to get the message out in creative content that can change minds and possibly help change the world for the better.

  • Be aware of what’s going on in the blogging market.

Times have changed and continue to change. Mommy blogger, Amy Corbett Storch, first began blogging in 2003. In an article published in NY Daily News, “Can You Make Money Blogging”, Amy referenced that change, mainly fueled by the down economy, drastically reduced the income potential from blogging.

Storch says “In the heyday, you might get [blog advertising] campaigns for $15 or $20 CPM (cost per thousand readers) [and now her average] CPM ad is paying $6. Most are around $2 or $3.”

If you’re writing for someone who is paying you, your potential income is also subject to that change. Where you may have been paid upwards of $100 per 600-1,000 word blog article, your income could be as little as $20-$40 per article.


  • Write more to earn more.

If the numbers work out, it would only make sense to increase the number of articles written, even submitting to multiple blog sources, and increase your potential income. As you do more writing, and expand the number of sources you write for, your income will reflect the amount of time you’ve expended. Remember, it’s all in the numbers … the numbers of words and the numbers behind the dollar sign.

  • Consider how much time you want to spend blogging, because it may amount to a lot.

Most people, especially those who are just getting started, underestimate the amount of time writing a good blog will take.  Regardless of whether you’re an expert in your field, you will want to do some research and bring the views of others into your article discussions. That takes time.

Blogs are no longer the singular rant of the author. Today, they are more a purposeful, useful piece of pros, a valuable message.

Amy Lynn Andrews states in her blog article “How Much Do Real Bloggers Actually Make?” that “your income is proportional to the amount of time you put in.”

She goes on to say that “in other words, it’s not likely you’ll make full-time income writing and networking 2-4 hours a day. You could probably make a decent part-time income doing so, but getting to that point would require a good amount of blogging knowledge and experience.” I add to that … and time!

If you’re passionate about a subject and you have decent writing skills, blogging could definitely be a way to earn extra money. It is also possible to make a living, a very good one, even … by becoming a blogger. On the other hand, the hard and fast truth is most of the millions of bloggers today don’t make enough to support themselves just with their blogs.

In the end, you can make extra money as a blogger for hire and with this information; you have a realistic view of what it will take.


[1] Amy Corbett Storch, 35, who lives in Bethesda, Md., with her husband and three kids. She first began blogging in 2003

[2] Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School.


[3]  Amy Lynn Andrews teach people how to blog. She writes posts with tips, tools & tutorials, is writer of The Useletter, a neatly packaged Saturday brunch of bite-sized highlights.

Article Author Bio:  

V. Lynn Hawkins is a small business strategist, co-author of Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire and founder of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, and host of the weekly BIZ Info Zone WebTV Show hosted in Google Hangouts on Air.

5 Smart Internet Businesses To Start for Under $50

internet-businesses-to-start5 Internet Businesses to Start

There are many business ideas available on the internet. If you have an interest in learning how to start your own business, it is quite likely that you have already researched many of these ideas. Unfortunately, many of the business ideas that you are easily able to stumble across require a large initial investment. The truth of the matter is, most people that utilize the World Wide Web in order to discover business ideas are doing so because of the fact that their current income is limited. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for many with an entrepreneur spirit to invest a lot of money in business startup. This is why we have created this guide. Here, you will be introduced to 5 smart internet businesses you can start for $50 or less. Regardless of your financial situation, $50 is a relatively low amount. This is especially true when you look at that $50 as an investment into your financial future; an investment that has the potential to make you thousands upon thousands of dollars in return.

The Advantages of Starting an Internet Business
If you are seeking business ideas so that you may start your own business, you already know that the internet has completely revolutionized the way in which individuals – and, the world as a whole – conducts business both locally and globally. Whether a business is engaging in tasks such as obtaining information on their competition, promoting their brand through social media, or simply setting up consumer promotions on their sales page, utilizing the internet is highly advantageous. Starting a business on the internet is a cost-effective way to sell products and/or services to consumers. The World Wide Web is a virtual window to the entire world, which allows you to reach consumers around the globe. In addition to this, communicating with consumers is simple, quick, and inexpensive. Now that you know and understand the advantages of using the internet to start your own business, it is time to introduce you to the 5 smart internet businesses that you may start for $50 or less!

Freelance Specialist
When it comes to inexpensive business ideas, freelance is at the top of the list. While many may not consider freelance work as a legitimate business, it actually is and is constantly in demand – not only among individuals, but other businesses, as well! Depending on the education, skills, and experience that you have, you have the potential to offer your services to multiple companies across many industries. As a result, you will find that your work offers a large level of flexibility and a general change of pace that is highly refreshing. Content creation, photography, website design, and technical services are among the most popular types of freelance work available today on the internet. If you want to start your own business for $50 or less, you may use these business ideas to get started!

Social Media Consulting
Social media is quickly becoming one of the best and most respected venues for businesses that have a desire to market their products and/or services, advertise their company, build their brand, and build their customer-base. A social media consulting business will allow you to setup and/or operate or maintain the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts that they own. Essentially, you are responsible for creating and customizing a social media strategy for each of the businesses that opt to hire you and act on that strategy.

Billions of people shop online on a regular basis. If you are searching for business ideas for $50 or under, you may want to consider going into retail. This is a relatively easy way to start your own business. You simply create an online store where you sell a certain type of product – such as cell phones, organic pet food, or health supplements – and then promote that business through social media platforms and other venues. In doing so, you have the ability to attract customers from all around the world. You simply need a web host, e-commerce software and/or capabilities, and a website. Then, you place your products on your website and promote!

Gift Creation Specialist
Each year, every single person around the world celebrates a birthday, a holiday, and other types of special events. This means that there is a very high demand for individuals that specialize in gift creation – especially custom gifts. You may take pictures and create memory movies on DVDs. You may have an artistic inclination that allows you to draw and/or paint an image of someone on canvas. You may be able to write a story, illustrate it, and transform it into a memory book. You may be able to create customized clothing pieces, or be able to take pictures of special events, such as graduations and weddings. You simply take a talent that you possess and transform it into a business where it may transform into a form of income.

Resume Creation Services
When it comes to business ideas that you may start for $50 or under, resume creation services is a very popular option. In today’s world, a resume could mean the difference between gaining employment and standing in unemployment lines. As a result of this fact, many individuals are turning to resume creation services in order to ensure that they stand out among applicants. If you have a knack for building resumes and a passion for helping people, this is one business that you should consider.

If you want to start your own business, there are many ideas fore internet businesses to start. If you are limited to $50 or less as an initial investment, the options listed in this guide are sure to set you up for a good start. All it takes is a little research, an inventory of your education, skills, and experience, as well as a little bit of creativity, and you are sure to come up with business ideas that are perfectly suited for you. Remember, always pursue your passion. In doing so, the profits are sure to follow!

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a CRM system


Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a CRM System

A customer relationship management (CRM) system isn’t just for big businesses. Every business, large and small, needs a quality CRM system to stay competitive. After all, managing your customer relationships successfully affects the success of your business, both now and in the future. If you’re still trying to decide if you should make the investment, here’s a look at the top five reasons your business needs to invest in a quality CRM system.

Reason #1 – Keep Your Business Organization
One of the primary uses for a CRM system in business is to keep the business organized. Lack of organization can quickly reduce productivity and hurt your bottom line. Even if you’re already using calendar, task management and email systems to manage your business, CRM systems still prove useful, allowing you to keep all information organized in one system. Organizing everything within one system makes it easy to manage and access information, and with improved organization, you increase the overall success of your business.

Reason #2 – Improve Client Communication
Communication with clients is essential, since it’s important to keep leads warm so they’ll buy from you. A quality CRM system keeps track of the calls you make, emails sent to clients and other types of communication. Each time you communicate with a client, the CRM system can be updated with current information, which keeps leads warm. Even if salespeople are replaced within your company, you’ll still have the information on hand to avoid any customer relationship interruptions.

Reason #3 – Better Customer Service
When using a CRM system in business, businesses are able to provide better customer services. These systems make it possible for companies to keep track of customer opinions and client feedback on products and services. When companies act on that information, they are able to address important issues that keep customers happy. When customers are happy, they’re more likely to come back again. Your customer service team will find it easier to deal with customer problems fast and effectively. CRM technology also provides businesses with better insight into your market, which can be used to improve products and services so they exceed the expectations of customers.

Reason #4 – Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns
A CRM system gives you customer data, and with that data, you can optimize your business’ marketing campaigns. For example, if you have a new service or product to promote, it’s possible to look at your customers’ shopping history to decide how to reach out to those customers. CRM also allows you to track the results you enjoy, so you can make changes in your marketing campaigns if necessary. With CRM analytics, you can use gathered data to design targeted marketing campaigns that specifically address the needs of current and potential customers.

Reason #5 – Lower Your Costs
Last, using a CRM system for your business allows you to lower your costs. With this technology, you’ll have the tools needed to improve accuracy and effectiveness. Reducing errors eliminates time spent dealing with errors. Increasing effectiveness not only lowers costs, but increases your bottom line, increasing the financial success of your company.

Before you decide to ignore a CRM system for business use, carefully consider all the benefits CRM platforms have to offer you. With a quality CRM solution, it’s possible to streamline business workflow, making it easier to build excellent relationships with clients and ensuring your business is more effective and profitable.

Job In Finance : What Does The Future Hold For People In This Sector

If you are looking for a job in finance, there’s a good chance that you would be successful with hardwork and skill. However, it has become quite difficult to get a good job in finance these days. Most of the companies are picky about hiring people. In fact, they even prefer hiring seasoned individuals instead of using new grads. Similarly, they may hire a new grad and pay him less instead of hiring someone who has years of experience in finance. Some of the finance jobs that hold a bright future include compliance professionals, financial analysts, forensic accountants, senior public accountants and legal professionals. Let us discuss all these areas in detail.

Job in Finance Sector Are as Mentioned Below

– Different Types of Accountants

Primarily, there are four different types of accountants.

public Accountants – They work for public accounting companies and manage taxes, auditing and consulting duties. They also run their own independent firms.

Management Accountants – They keep track of expenditure and debts created by a business organization.

Internal auditors – They make sure every financial decision complies with rules and regulations. Basically, they try to detect embezzlement and fraud.

Government Accountants – They make sure Government records are accurate.

Public Accountant – Best Job in Finance

Public accountants are always high in demand. Just like every year, public accounting firms are upgrading staff and creating various openings for high-level accounting jobs. As mentioned earlier, public accountants manage compliance with rules & regulations, payment of taxes on time, preparing tax returns, examining financial statements, computing taxes, inspecting account books and evaluating the efficiency of an accounting system. They also suggest ways to reduce costs and make the most of investments. If you are looking for a job in finance, working as a public accountant may present a bright future. It is believed that the number of accountants and auditors will increase by 16% in the next five years. This is great news for all aspiring accountants.

Job in Finance

Financial Analysts Help Make Sound Investments

Financial analysts help a business organization with investment decisions. They recommend collection of investments, evaluating historical and current data, studying an organization’s financial statements, studying business and economic trends, analyzing costs, commodity prices, expenses, sales and tax rates. This allows a financial analyst to anticipate an organization’s future earnings. Financial analysts meet regularly with high-level officials to discuss prospects and business opportunities. They also need to guide investors and keep them informed about growth. This one can be a lucrative job. However, you will need to work hard and make sure you are the best in the business.

Forensic Accountants Help Cover Damages

The basic purpose of a forensic accountant is to find economical damages, look for their causes and try to rectify them. They are more concerned about areas like bankruptcy, breaches of warranties, insolvency, securities fraud, reorganization, business valuation and so on. If you want a bright future in this job in finance, you need to specialize in forensic analytics. This will help you analyze electronic data to detect, reconstruct and support a claim for financial fraud.

These were some of the jobs which have a bright future in finance. However, you need to understand that you will have to work hard, and follow all kinds of rules and regulations once you find a job in finance.

Control the Job Interview by Asking All the Questions

interview tipsWhen you go to job interviews do you stride into the employer’s office confidently, or do you go into the meeting like a beaten dog prepared for the worst? Some nervousness going into a job interview is very normal , but anything approaching fear can be crippling and even ruin your chances for landing the job.

Most times when were fearful of a job interview it is because we are afraid of the questions that we are going to be asked. Questions are a normal part of job interviews, but it is easy to be overly concerned that you might be asked one for which you do not have strong answer.

There is a way around that. You can control the job interview by asking all the questions. Yes, it sounds like the exact opposite of what happens in most interviews. Consider that job interviews are really nothing more than an intense question/answer session. But who is doing the questioning, and who is providing the answers, can actually go either way. If you position your self as the interviewer – rather than the interviewee – you will be more confident and come off looking stronger.

Here is what asking all the questions in a job interview can do for you.

Gaining the upper hand

It is no secret that the person asking all the questions is in a stronger position in a job interview. This is precisely why most job hunters seem to be at such a disadvantage. But if you can ask most of the questions, you can take control of the interview. By taking control, you will decide which questions get asked and which ones do not.

Avoiding uncomfortable questions

The biggest fear most job hunters have in job interviews is that they will be asked a tough question. But if you take control and ask most or all the questions, that situation is highly unlikely to come up. By asking the questions, you will prevent the interviewer from asking some or all the questions that they would like answers to.

In theory, an interview is supposed to be an exchange between equal parties. In reality, one party will usually take the upper hand. By default, that is usually the employer. But it does not have to be! There is nothing in holy writ that says that you can not take upper hand in your own job interview. And if you do, you will be facing far fewer uncomfortable questions. That will make you look as if you are an even stronger candidate for the job.

Eliminating awkward periods of silence

Probably the second biggest fear that job seekers have are those awkward periods of silence. It could be brought on because you do not have an answer to a question that’s been asked – that’s very awkward. Or it could be the interviewer playing mind games with you, knowing that the period of silence will trip you up.

But if you have a list of questions to ask, you can keep the interview going, and there won’t be any periods of silence. And the longer the interview lasts, the more likely it is that the employer will make you an offer.

Demonstrating your knowledge through intelligent questions

When I say that you should prepare to do the questioning, that means asking intelligent questions. You should have a list of at least 10, and probably 15 or 20 questions that you plan to ask the interviewer. They should be meaty questions that show that you understand the job and the challenges that you would be taking on.

Very often, the questions that you ask demonstrate your knowledge and understanding. There will be no need for the interviewer to ask you follow-up questions, because the questions that you asked make it clear that you know what you are talking about. Make sure they are questions relating to the job, to the company, and to the industry. You never want to ask superficial questions, such as those that relate benefits and paid time off. Your questions should indicate that you are a serious candidate, and someone worthy of moving to the next stage in the process.

Deciding if you even want the job

A job interview is an interview just like any other. It really doesn’t matter who’s asking the questions and who is answering them. In a perfect world scenario, the employer is interviewing you to determine if they want to hire you, but at the same time you should be interviewing the employer to see if you even want to work for them.

Take the second part of that equation to heart, and go into to the interview prepared to do the grilling. The interview isn’t just about you proving to the employer that you deserve to be hired, it’s also very much about the employer proving to you that it someplace that you want to work at.

Putting the interviewer at ease (why would you even want to do that???)

Though you may think that most interviewers relish the thought of conducting yet another question/answer session with someone that they don’t know, the reality is often something very different. The interviewer is often just as nervous as you are – after all, they’re meeting you for the first time in hopes of filling a job that needs a qualified candidate.

By asking most or all the questions in the interview, you will make in the interviewer’s job easier. That will put the interviewer at ease in your presence. The interviewer may not even remember that you did not  actually answer any questions  , they will just remember that the interview went well, and they will think very highly of you for it. Most likely, you’ll either be referred for another interview, or they will make you an offer.

Can you think of other ways to turn a job interview in your favor?

photo by Samuel Mann

An Overview of Business Intelligence Degrees

People in business have relied on data for making decisions since the beginning of business, but these days success in business is more about data than ever before. Having more of it than the competition and being able to make more sense of it faster than they can. The goal of a business in a competitive marketplace is to parse all the data they have and use it to make decisions that provide value for the company. For this they will need qualified workers with Business Intelligence Degrees.

Business intelligence is a complex field due to the vast amount of data that can be generated in an organization. Business data can encompass sales, the business strategies of competitors along with information about customers and about employees as well. Those elements are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the kind of data that the average company has at its disposal. As business becomes even more data-driven, the value of acquiring and understanding information will become more important than it is now.

The Value of a Business Intelligence Degree

Not many business schools provide their students with business intelligence coursework, let alone have degree programs in it. The rarity of degree courses means that those with this skill-set are in high demand. A business intelligence degree gives students the skills to make the types of decisions that will benefit the organizations that employbusiness intelligence them.

Business Intelligence Degree Course

A business intelligence degree course will provide students with skills in data mining and the use of algorithms to identify trends in business. Students will also learn how to manage the technology used for business intelligence. This technology has the capacity to pull in data from numerous sources and can help an analyst to understand what is happening within their organization and what will likely happen in the future. Along with providing students with the skills to use the technology and understand data, contents of Business Intelligence Degree Courses will include such topics as business databases, data warehousing and capstone planning.

The Need for Business Intelligence Analysts

There is and will continue to be a need for workers who process the data and find patterns, make connections and extrapolate. The ability to succeed in a competitive arena depends on making the best decisions; having solid information is an essential ingredient in good decision-making. Business intelligence analysts find the relevant information and get it to those who make the important decisions.

Careers for Graduates with a Business Intelligence Degree

A Master Business Intelligence Degree course prepares a student for work in marketing as well as enabling them to perform internal audits and handle revenue management tasks. The skills taught in a business intelligence degree course will be useful in a vast number of areas ranging from supply-chain management to human resources.

Business intelligence is not only for companies with millions of dollars to spend on sophisticated technology, it can be useful for small businesses too. It can provide them with the tools they need to increase their market share and thus their profits. As a result, graduates with a business intelligence degree will be in great demand and should find work easily.

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How to Convert Your Passion in to an Income

passionEveryone these days seems to be chanting follow your passions and make more money – or some variation of that concept. In theory that sounds simple, not the least of which because most of us can identify our passions pretty quickly. The wrinkle in the directive is figuring out how to convert your passion in to an income.

It’s never as easy as hanging your shingle outside your front door inviting people to do business with you. If there is a market out there you will have to first identify it, then get the attention of enough potential clients, and only then will there be any income.

If you already know what your passion is, how can you convert that into an income in a way that will not have you running out of money on a marketing campaign before you even start making any money?

Fortunately, there are more ways than ever to market your business idea. Some are free, and some cost very little money. That will be important, since any marketing campaign is a long-term venture.

No one ever makes money just running a single a TV commercial; the payoff comes only after you run it hundreds of times in dozens of different markets. If you want to turn your passion into an income, you’ll have to do the same thing, and here are some ways you can without going broke.

Start a website or blog

One of the first, best ways to convert a passion into a business is by starting a website or blog. Nearly every business today needs a website, not just to advertise the business, but also as a place to transact business with their customers.

You can start your own website or blog for not a lot of money. You can get quality web hosting for just a few dollars a month, and then start your site with free templates, such as WordPress. You can build the site yourself, which is not all as difficult as it used to be, or you can hire someone on a contract basis to build one for you. It shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars total.

Make YouTube videos

If you have a computer and a web cam you can make your own YouTube videos very easily. All you need to do is pitch your product or service in the comfort of your own home, download the video on YouTube and then do what you can do promote it around the web. Think of it as creating your own TV commercial, except that it will cost you nothing!

YouTube is especially valuable if your potential market is national or global. Since YouTube cuts across state and national boundaries, it’s your opportunity to put your own commercials out to the world.

List your products and services on Craigslist

If YouTube is primarily for national or global reach, then Craigslist is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Advertising on Craigslist is primarily for your local market “ not just in your state or province  but in your immediate metropolitan area. Best of all, advertising on Craigslist is free.

Craigslist is the online equivalent to the neighborhood or metropolitan newspaper. It is area specific, and is set up just like traditional classified advertisements.

Participate in seminars

There are a lot of people out there looking to start and promote businesses, and some of them are running seminars. If you could join with one or with several, related but not competing businesses, you may be able to add your own pitch at one or more seminars.

If you’re doing this with related businesses, there is a very good chance that you’ll get some of the customer base that other businesses are trying to reach. Check out what’s going on with business promotions and seminars in your area, and see if you can join in. .

Look to part-time jobs for experience and contacts

This isn’t an area most would-be business people would seek to promote their venture, but could be an excellent starting point. If your passion involves entering a business or career field that you have never been in in the past, getting a part-time job in the business can be an excellent point of entry.

Not only will you get valuable hands-on experience, but you’ll also gain important contacts that will make your business entry easier. And you’ll do it all on someone else’s payroll. It doesn’t get any better than that.

If you want to convert your passion into an income, you’ll almost certainly have to market your idea. If you’re going to do that, you’re going to have to think long-term. You can handle the marketing by paying little or no money, and you’ll have the flexibility to carry on your efforts for as long as it takes to succeed.

With that kind of lead time, you almost can’t help but hit pay dirt.

Do you have a passion you’re looking to convert to an income? Have you tried any of the venues above? Can you suggest others that are free or low cost?

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