5 Great Money Saving Tips for Families

money saving tips for familiesIf you are searching for money saving tips for families it is quite likely that you are currently experiencing a few financial issues in your life. In light of the part-time job economic crisis impacting the nation, company pension compensations at an all-time low, and the cost of living consistently on the rise, millions of people are suffering from the same financial complications. Most families are left feeling as if, regardless of the steps that they take, they are not doing enough to meet the demands associated with the cost of living, much less anything related to their financial future, such as saving for college, saving to purchase a home, creating an emergency fund for unexpected events in life, and retirement. In this brief guide, you will be provided with 5 great money-saving tips that will optimize your financial health and the financial health of your family, as a whole.

1. Implement the 30 Day Rule
The first and most beneficial of all money saving tips for families is to implement the 30 day rule within your household. This is a very simple concept. When you consider making a purchase that is not deemed to be “necessary” for your household, you should avoid the splurge, wait a total of 30 days, and then revisit the consideration to determine if you still have a desire to make the purchase. In most instances, that initial impulse to buy will be eliminated and you will find that you no longer want the item. Once this urge has passed, you should take the money that you would have originally spent on the impulse purchase on place it into an interest-bearing savings account. This will allow you to make even more money.

2. Transform Your Unwanted Items into Cash
The next most popular of the money-saving tips is to transform all of your unwanted items into cash. This is relatively simple to do. All it takes is a little time, patience, research, and an internet connection. Simply clean out your closets, your attic, your garage, and all of the rooms within your home. You are likely to come up with clothes, books, jewelry, electronics, DVDs, CDs, video games, and a multitude of other items that you may sell on websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and the “Swip Swap” groups on Facebook. Once you have sold the items, simply stash the cash away in your savings account and watch your money grow!

3. Reduce Your Phantom Load
One of the largest monthly expenses for a family is the electricity that is used throughout the home. While changing your light bulbs and turning off electrical items when not in use are wonderful means of saving money, it is simply not enough. Many do not realize it, but, when items remain plugged in – such as the computer, the television, and cell phone chargers – they still consume power. This is often referred to as “phantom load”. If you truly want to save a little cash as a family, you should make certain that you reduce your phantom load by unplugging all items that are not in use.

4. Engage in Regular Maintenance
Each of the items within your home requires some degree of maintenance. When it comes to money-saving tips, engaging in regular maintenance of these items is at the top of the list. Examples of items that should be regularly maintained include your central heat/air conditioning unit, the fans throughout your home, your refrigerator, your deep freezer, and items that are similar in nature. By simply changing filters, vacuuming out coils, and cleaning these items, you may save hundreds of dollars each and every single year!

5.Ensure Cleanliness
The final tip of the money-saving tips for families is to ensure cleanliness. You should ensure that each member of your family practices good hygiene by taking their shower, brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and cleaning their clothes on a regular basis. Additionally, you should make certain that your home is as clean as possible, at all times. Ensuring cleanliness in and around the home will ensure that fewer sicknesses are spread throughout your home. As a result, you will spend less on medical expenses, over-the-counter medications, and fuel to travel to the doctor.

There are, literally, millions of money saving tips for families. In this guide, you have been introduced to 5 great and easy-to-implement tips that will allow your family to, potentially, save thousands each and every single year. If you would like to learn more about how to stretch your dollars, pinch your pennies, and increase the amount of money that you and your family have at your disposal, be sure to check out other money-saving tips at Free Money Wisdom today!

Spring Cleaning Can Save and Make You Money

spring cleaningSpring cleaning may help you save money and make money. When you engage in the age-old tradition of spring cleaning, you initiate the process of taking stock of the items that you currently possess, are able to eliminate the items that you no longer need, organize what is left, and clear space in order to add new things. While engaging in this process, you have the potential to save yourself money on future purchases by locating items that you forgot that you had and recycling your possessions to create new items that you may use, without spending any money. Additionally, you may find that you have the ability to cash in on a lot of items that you would normally just throw out. In this guide, you will learn how to save money and make money with your spring cleaning activities.

Taking Stock

Spring cleaning is more than just washing your curtains, shampooing your carpets, and freshening up your home. It is a time when you must evaluate all that you possess. By taking stock of your possessions, you may determine what items are positively contributing to your life, what items could serve another purpose in your life, and what items you are willing to part with. For example, if you have some old towels that are not in the best shape, you could cut those towels up and turn them into rags for your garage. If you have old, scratched CDs that cannot be used or sold, you could recycle them and create a decorative item or cup coasters. If you have old cell phones, you could actually sell those online. If you cannot use an item, you should determine if it may be recycled into another product. If you cannot recycle the item, you should attempt to sell it. If you recycle your old items, you save money. If you sell your items, this is how you make money. Taking stock is one of the top spring savings tips.

Out with the Old

We all have litter, clutter, and junk in our lives that is completely useless. When spring cleaning, it is imperative that you figure out what items in your home fit under these categories and completely eliminate it. Many do not realize it, but, having excess junk in the home could result in excess cost. For example, it costs more to heat or cool a room that is loaded with boxes and storage containers than it does to heat or cool an empty room. The standard rule of thumb is to eliminate items that you have not used in the past six months from the home during spring cleaning activities – with the exception of photographs and other irreplaceable treasures. In doing so, you are not only cleaning and organizing your home, you are positively contributing to the amount of money you spend and save. Out with the old is one of the most positive and productive spring savings tips.


There are many spring cleaning tips available that will help you save money and make money. By simply taking stock of what you have, determining what can be recycled, selling what may be reused by others, and cleaning out the old, unused items in your home, you have the unique ability to save money and even make a few dollars. Spring cleaning should be an activity that not only allows you to clean up your home, but, also allows you to declutter, remove excess junk, and make a little cash. By following the spring savings tips in this guide and the suggestions on how to cash in on your junk, you are sure to find many ways to save money and make money with your spring cleaning activities.

The Frugal Lawn and Garden Guide

lawn-and-gardenThe Frugal Lawn and Garden Guide – Gardening Tips, Lawn Care, and More for Less

If you are searching for frugal ideas that pertain to gardening tips and lawn care, you will benefit immensely from reviewing this lawn and garden guide. If you reside in a region that experiences distinct seasonal changes throughout the year, you are probably currently looking over a lawn and garden that is brown, weed-ravaged, and in a complete state of despair. Purchasing the tools, seeds, fertilizers, and compost to get your lawn and garden back in shape is a costly endeavor; however, the expenses that most experience each year is completely unnecessary. In fact, there are many frugal-based gardening tips and techniques that will work for both your lawn and garden. In this frugal lawn and garden guide, you will learn how to bring your garden and lawn back to life for less.

Eliminate the Dead to Rekindle Life in Your Lawn and Garden

If you are interested in bringing your lawn and garden back to life, the first step that you should take is eliminating the dead. This will rekindle the life in your lawn and garden. You should go through your lawn and garden and pick out all of the dead grass, dead weeds, and other items that no longer have life in them. This is not the most exciting of steps, but, it is inexpensive, and relatively easy. Once you have removed all of the dead grass, weeds, and other items, you should then take a steel rake and lightly scratch the surface of the soil. This will help loosen it up. This will aid in promoting growth of new grass and other types of plants.

Lawn Aeration with Your Shoes

If you have the right types of shoes, all it takes is a little walk through your yard to aerate the lawn. Professional lawn aeration services usually cost in excess of $100.00; however, by simply choosing to wear a pair of shoes that have spikes on the bottom, you can aerate the lawn and garden yourself. The spikes on the bottom of the shoes will simply loosen the soil by putting small holes in the ground. Once the soil is loosened and the small holes are in the ground, fresh air, water, and various types of natural nutrients have the capability of reaching the roots of the grass and the roots of the other plants that are part of your lawn and garden. This step will dramatically encourage growth. In most instances, a pair of shoes with the appropriate spikes will only cost approximately $10.00 to $12.00.

Mow in a Precise and Strategic Manner

When it comes to gardening tips or just general tips on lawn and garden, most experts agree that it is important to mow the areas in a precise and strategic manner. First, you should ensure that the blades on your lawn mower are kept sharp. If they start to dull and you use them on your property, the blades will create an opportunity for various types of pathogens to invade and completely weaken the grass. You will find that the grass becomes less dense, highly frail, discolored, and in some instances, may die. Sharp blades should always be used and the grass should be cut only at a rate of about 1/3 of the size of the total blade. Short clippings of grass will successfully break down and permit the natural amount of nitrogen to return directly into the soil. If you cut grass any more than 1/3 the size of the blade, the long clippings have the potential to result in stress on the grass that is still located on the ground and may inhibit its growth. Finally, it is important to ensure that you cut the lawn in a pattern…such as across or up and down. Each time you cut your lawn, you should stick to this pattern.


There are many frugal and simple steps that may be performed in order to optimize the growth of your lawn and garden. Go to the Gilmour website to get a soaker hose that will let you water without waste by delivering a steady stream no faster than the ground can absorb it, deep into the soil—not pooling on top of it. While most of the steps outlined in this guide are geared towards the lawn, they may be used in the garden, too. Once you have completed the steps outlined here, you should also treat your lawn and garden with fertilizer. It does not have to be name brand or expensive. Instead, combine a bag of compost and a bag of manure and sprinkle the substance over your yard and your garden. By following the gardening tips and the lawn tips outlined in this guide, you are sure to find that both of these regions of your property grow beautifully and bountifully. The lawn and garden steps here will typically result in less than $30.00 in expenses, which will result in a vast amount of financial savings each year!

Save Money like a Boss

save-moneySave Money like a Boss

If you want to save money like a boss, you are going to have to start thinking like a boss! Do not get caught up in the excuses for not saving money. It may seem like external forces are keeping you from saving money but the truth is a little more heartbreaking. If you are not saving money, it is because you do not want to. WAIT! Before you angrily click away, stick around a few minutes and learn why how you think about money is affecting what you are doing with it. (Trust me, you will be glad you did)

Assets and Liabilities

You might think a discussion on assets and liabilities is a bit much when you are talking about saving money. After all, you are probably not a business owner or big time investor. The truth is your life is full of assets and liabilities. The problems come in when you have more liabilities than assets. Take for instance:


  • Income
  • Investments- stocks, bonds, real estate


  • Debt
  • Vehicles
  • Home
  • Credit card purchases

Basically, anything that takes money out of your hand is a liability and anything that does or could potentially increase the money in your hand is an asset. Many people group their home into the asset category and it can be. Just realize until you owe less for it than it’s worth, it is a liability.

Now the question is how much money are you shelling out on liabilities? How many times do you stop for your favorite Starbucks coffee? Did you recently purchase a bigger television or newer car even though the ones you had were in good working condition? Do you see where this is going? You have to change your mind set about money and your ability to save because in most cases, you have several dollars per week you could stick back. You just have to re-purpose the cash you already have.

No Bashing Zone- Money Saving Tips

Look, you may be thinking at this point that all we want to do is beat up on you about your spending habits. Totally not the case. There is nothing wrong with enjoying some of the finer things in life. The question that remains is are you in the financial position to do that yet?

You can easily save around 1400 dollars in the next twelve months by trimming the fat in your budget and working on a savings plan. Aside from spending, the biggest barrier to savings for most people is simply getting in the habit of doing so.

Simple Savings Plan:

Start your simple plan today with $2. Yes, you read that correctly. Put two dollars in your savings account this week and next week put in three. Over the course of the year, increase your savings by one single dollar until you reach 52 weeks. You will never put more than $52 in the savings account in one week and at the end of the year, you will have amassed a tidy $1378. Hey, that is enough to take a nice small vacation or better yet start investing in your dreams. Do you want your own business? Have an invention idea? Slow and steady may not be sexy or exciting but it will get the job done!

Boss Mentality

Now that you have been saving for a while, it feels like second nature and you should be seeing your purchases in a different light. It is at this point that you begin to process money matters like a boss. In other words. focus on ways to bring in and save money rather than spending it!

Five Core Money Principles for Better Money Management

Your perspective about money speaks much of your capability to make the right decisions when it comes to money management. Many people find themselves in a financial mess, enormous debts and no retirement savings because they fail to live by the right principles when handling their finances.

To become better at personal money management, there are basic principles that you need to keep in mind, and they are the following:

Principle #1: Don’t Spend Beyond Your Means

This is the central idea in effective personal finance management—to spend less than what you earn, and to strive to earn more. Having the discipline to live below and within your means is crucial in budgeting, saving and investing. Make sure that you daily, weekly and monthly expenses do not go beyond what you paycheck allows, or you will find yourself in enormous debts and empty bank accounts when you need money the most.

Principle #2: Be Mindful of Your Expenses

Don’t let a single dollar out of your pocket without carefully considering whether or not you need to spend it. Cut off expenses where you can in all the areas of your life so you can make allowance for other needs, especially for your savings. Be critical in all your expenses. Here is a great FREE spending app available from Amazon for use on all Android devices that tracks your spending. It’s called Spending Tracker.

images (2)Principle #3: Eliminate Debts ASAP

Focus on eliminating your debts. Enormous debt not only cause stresses but it actually stops you from achieving the financial freedom you long for. They disrupts cash flow and their interests can accumulate overtime. So, strive to be debt-free!

Principle #4: Learn and Do Investment

Money-smart people know that they also need to make their money grow and not just keep them. Educate yourself about investment options out there. Choose low risk investments or reap higher rewards with higher risks. Whatever you choose, invest your money and let it grow. Read more on our review of Betterment.

Principle #5: Set Goals and Strive to Achieve Them Consistently

Make goals for yourself and stick with them. Create long- term, mid-term and short term goals and direct your every step towards achieving them. Having a set of goals will help you keep track in your effort towards better money management and financial stability. Once you reach goals, replace them with new ones. Don’t stop achieving!

4 Hidden Truths About Penny Pinching

Contrary to what many people imagine, penny pinching is not a random trait of the selfish, but rather an acquired and learned habit that could bring great rewards without denying us the usual pleasures of life. Pinching pennies do not necessarily imply the harsh and stringent lifestyles. The gradual process of learning this art requires some combination of insight and creativity than can allow us to see old things in new ways and unlearn some of patterns and rhythms of life, which we have followed without critical reflection about their cost-benefit analysis. However, certain safeguards are necessary to avoid the kind of heartache that some people incur in their adoption of frugal living strategies.

Health And Nutrition

Penny Pinching promotes good health and proper nutrition.

One distinguishing characteristic about families and individuals who consistently save their income is that they tend to prepare their food at home. This pattern of life means that they do not spend their income on junk food or other food items from the restaurants and fast food shops. Any nutritionist will readily admit that people who prepare their own food tend to maintain healthier diets as compared to those who live on commercially prepared food. The bottom line is that homemade food costs lesser than fast foods, which promotes the objective of those who want to save.

Penny Pinching

Investment Capital

A strict control of finances can create capital for investment.

The pursuit of the noble goal of investment can be enhanced by a strict and consistent saving pattern. Every investment initiative requires some element of surplus with regard to finances. The pinching of pennies over a period of five or ten years could help an individual to establish a medium size investment with remarkable ease. Saving and investing are positive habits of the mind that define the underlying philosophies of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Avoiding Debt

The pinching of pennies helps to avoid debts during harsh financial times.

In the wake of unpredictable financial challenges, inflationary pressures, and job losses, it makes great sense for individuals to practice consistent saving in order to survive harsh economic times. Many people choose the options of payday loan services without considering the adverse long-term impact of the high interest rates on their financial status. Amassing debts have some stagnating effect that inhibits people’s potential to make significant progress in their development plans. It is important to consider the cumulative advantage of frugal living to the overall financial stability.

Quality of Life

Some people consider penny pinching as a challenge to the quality of life.

A casual and narrow assessment of the value of frugal living is likely to end with the assumption that it diminishes the quality of life. Indeed, some forms of saving that involve enormous sacrifice and consistent denial of basic needs could significantly subtract from the quality of living. It is possible to maintain the noble habit of saving without compromising on the pleasures of life. Saving only requires a balance of priorities that allows people to live normally without succumbing to the lure of extravagance.

Using Technology to Set your Budget

mobile moneyIf you are someone who struggles to manage their money then you could really benefit from a mobile budget or expenses tracking tool to determine where you overspend. Modern technology has opened up a world of opportunities for us to access all kinds of resources on the move. Advanced mobile operating systems such as Google’s Android now allow us to access sophisticated programs and tools on the go, giving us no excuse not to budget or be aware of where our money is going! Use a mobile device to get yourself organized and take advantage of the additional features that can be enjoyed absolutely anywhere.

Easier finance management

For anyone who needs to instantly update their budget or track their spending, a mobile application is perfect. You can literally see in real time where your money goes and there are no missing receipts or losing pieces of paper along the way. Mobile finance resources have simplified budgeting and allow for easier finance management that can be accessed at any convenient time.

Budget for fun

How many times have you  realized  just how much money you spend on entertainment after the fact? Budgeting for entertainment is incredibly important and needs to be considered when creating a list of expenses. If you are keen on mobile gaming then a great idea is to set aside some cash for that and see if you can win big when playing on your mobile. A site like http://www.androidcasino.ca  offers a great selection of big jackpot games that have been  optimized  for play on your Android device. Combine fun and great rewards and with a bit of luck you could set yourself on the road to riches.

 Save more with technology

Mobile budgeting tools make it so much easier for you to see where your money goes. It has become so simple to manage your finances that there really is no excuse to incur debt unnecessarily. Good management of your finances could lead to above the norm savings potential, which in turn may lead to investment opportunities or more money to spend on yourself and the activities that you enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Use your Android mobile device to track your spending and budget your monthly income and take advantage of the state of the art technology that will help you manage your money.

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How to Use Short Term Loans Carefully

short term loanThe short term loan industry in the US has expanded across the board. There are over 19,000 payday loan service providers in the US according to recent statistics. Online loan lenders in the US are said to have loaned over $10 billion in the US in 2010 alone. With so much money flowing into the short term loan industry, i’s really important to understand how to use these loans to your advantage. If you need a cash loan for the short term, take a look at these top tips on how to use them properly:

  • Avoid loan extensions: Extending a short term loan can be done but on the whole, you should try and avoid loan extensions because they could add extra charges to your loan. Keep your financial stress low by not extending your loan and paying it off in full. If you decide to go for a loan extension, make sure you understand what is going on with your loan.
  • Understand APR: The annual percentage rate (APR) is the cornerstone of the US loan industry whether you are borrowing a credit card or a short term loan. This is what the lenders charge and it is the interest that you will repay on top of the loan itself.
  • Borrow small amounts: The key to cash loans is by only borrowing smaller amounts instead of bigger loans which banks tend to do. This is because the interest will always be high and a large amount could end up causing financial stress if you are behind on repayments. Smaller sized loans are easier to handle and when dealing with interest-laden loans, the smaller it is, the better for your wallet.

Being careful is crucial if you are planning to apply for a loan online from a consumer lender. Take control of your personal finances with these top tips and remember that these loans are only for the short term, not for the long term of your personal finance portfolio.

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Making Money on your Old Cell Phones

phone recyclingMany people in the United States and worldwide use cell phones. Cell phones have become an important part of daily life and are typically always with people. In the United States alone, there are over 150 million cell phone users of which 100 million of those cell phones are discarded each year. While some cell phones might be thrown into the trash, others might be stored in a drawer, box or other storage area in one’s home.

It is beneficial that one take steps to recycle their cell phone for some extra cash when they are done using it rather than simply throwing it aside. Additionally, there are also harmful components inside of cell phones that are bad for the environment. Properly disposing of a cell phone will earn an individual some extra cash as well as help the environment.

There are many different cell phone recycling websites that one can visit online but it’s another story as to  where to sell an Apple Iphone? These websites offer to send the person packaging as well as a paid postage label for their cell phone. Once the phone has been sent to the phone company, it will be further examined and the money will either be sent to the individual using a variety of ways. While a person can get a quote for how much they might get for their phone, the actual condition of the phone must be verified by the recycling phone company once it has been received.

When one recycles their phone, they also help to combat the mining of Coltan which is a material used to manufacture cellular phones because of it’s semi-conductivity. Coltan is used in many varieties of cell phones, smartphones, touch-screen phones and touch-screen mobile devices and other electronics.

Because of the mining for Coltan in South Africa, it has led to the destruction of many wildlife habitats for the native Gorillas and other wildlife. Not to mention the damage that has been done to the natural ecosystem because of the Coltan mining. For every cell phone, smartphone and touch screen phone that is recycled, that is less Coltan that will be in demand to be mined.

When an individual would like to recycle their cell phone at a cell phone recycle company online, they can first perform a search for online cell phone recycling companies and choose one that fits their needs best. Once the person has chosen the site that they would like to use, the next step for them is to find out how much their cell phone, smartphone or other touch screen device is worth.

The general information about one’s phone can be entered into the site to receive an estimate on what the phone is worth and what the company will pay for it. It is also important for an individual to keep in mind that cell phones only depreciate in value over time so they are best sold as soon as possible.

Upon the individual receiving their quote for their phone, they can then enter in the details of their phone and their shipping address to receive a paid-postage shipping box for them to package their phone. After sending their phone off and upon delivery and inspection at the phone, the individual will then either be sent a check, sent Paypal funds or other methods of payment might also be available.

So, the next time you;re thinking about buying a new Apple phone, think twice before you toss your old phone in the dump!

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Car

saving on your carThis is a guest post by Stuart at Contract Hire a Car.

Everyone is concerned with how to save money; you probably have thought a million times about ways to cut expenses. One of the biggest ways to save money is by cutting back expenses on a vehicle. Here are the top 5 ways to save money on your car.

Do Your Own Repairs
The mechanic will charge an arm and a leg to do service work. They will add additional surplus charges to the parts and the other extra fees can be absorbent. A typical pair of brake pads and rotors can cost under $100, add labor to that and it can quickly increase to $200 or $300, depending where you live. There are online tutorials and various other websites that can help even the novice learn how to repair any part of their car. Watch a few online videos and soon car repairs can be a huge way to save.

Keep Up On Preventative Maintenance
Preventative maintenance is just that, it prevents a major occurrence. Routine oil changes and checking the air filter can save a great deal of money. An engine that has had the proper oil changes will always fair better than those who have ignored preventative measures. Maintenance makes common sense and it can prevent a costly mechanical breakdown. If a mechanical failure should happen on the road, adding a tow to the bill can be an absorbent expense.

Shop for Insurance
Insurance companies advertise on television all the time. It may pay to shop around and find a few good bargains to associate with current coverages. There is always a better deal, just be sure the coverage levels are the same or better than what you have now. If you have way too much coverage for an old beater, consider downgrading a bit for a big savings. Some cars are not worth carrying full coverage on, so weigh the costs and consider what the best option is.

Save On Gas
Gas is one of the biggest expenses there is in owing a car. Rather than driving everywhere, try carpooling or biking on occasion. The method a person drives can also be harsh on the gas mileage a car gets. Those who travel in excessive speeds or do a lot of in town driving may pay more at the pump. Always go the speed limit and avoid those busy streets when the freeway will offer premium mileage out of a tank of gas.

Wash and Wax  
While it may seem like a good option to drive through one of those washes where they do everything for you, clean your car yourself. If a person has a hose with a water saving nozzle, washing the car at home can be a big savings. The cheapest car wash is around $10.00 in most cities; add that up on a monthly basis and it can be quite expensive. Washing and waxing can be a costly expense, as well as detailing. Making a car shine with a fresh coat of wax and sparkling interior doesn’t have to break the bank.

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